Welcome to Cornwall Smallholders Group (CSHG)

We are a friendly group of smallholders in Cornwall, including both experienced and novice members with a smallholding of a few square metres, to a holding of over 60 acres. Everyone is welcome to join. Established in 1985, the group provides a forum for smallholders of all persuasions to share ideas, problems and offer a supportive community.

Cornwall Smallholders Group enjoys the active participation of their smallholding members who are engaged in a wide range of activities including:

Poultry, ducks & geese
Pig rearing and alpacas
Vegetable growing
Sheep keeping
Goats for dairy & meat
Fruit trees / Orchards
Suckler cow herds

Rare breeds
Trees and woodlands
Horses / Donkeys
Bee keeping
Organic farming
Dry stone walling / fencing

The group organises visits and events throughout the year, enabling smallholding members to share experiences and learn from each other.  Cornwall Smallholders Group also publishes a regular newsletter detailing upcoming events; sharing ideas, successes (and sometimes failures); giving details of courses useful to anyone with a smallholding in Cornwall; advertising items for sale, swap or wanted and general chat about what it means to be a Cornwall smallholder. We also have a Cornwall Smallholders Facebook page.

Some quotes from our smallholders:

‘I’ve made some real life long friends’

‘Friendship and support in a crisis and a good time’

‘The summer visits have been inspirational’